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Anti-Gravity Nano Phone Case



This fantastic, ultra-compact, water-resistant storage bag ensures to have you and your stuff covered. The Droplet Dry Bag’s ability to protect against water applies both ways; it’s as good at keeping water in as it is keeping water out. Whether you want to contain a mess, protect valuables or simply and conveniently transport your loose items.


When the bag is open, it is large enough to keep a wet swimsuit or leaky cosmetics from ruining any surroundings or able to rescue electronics such as a phone from an unexpected downpour. When not in use, the compact bag stows away in a small and handy silicone pouch with keyring attachment. This product makes sure you’re prepared for what happens next, big or small. With a great advertising area on both the droplet and the bag your brand will always be on sight to save the day.

Product Ref: WMFL_C13

Branded promotional waterproof drawstring polyester dry bags, with water resistant silicone keyrings pouches.
Anti-Gravity Epoxy Phone Case
Anti-Gravity Phone Case
MacDonald Fyne Ltd

Anti-Gravity Phone Case



Our Anti-Gravity phone case has a ‘magical’ adhesion property meaning it will firmly adhere to any smooth surface including glass, mirror, plain metal, white board and tiles. This enables you to free your hands making it more convenient to watch or record videos, take selfies, as well as Skyping or Face-Timing or simply making multi-tasking easier! The case is also designed to protect against drops and scratches. The Anti-gravity Nano Polymer material surface does not adhere to your hands and clothes and if the case becomes dirty with dust, it can be cleaned with water. The case still works perfectly with all phone functions including GPS, WIFI, Apple and Samsung Pay, 4G, NFC and Bluetooth. To promote your company, there is a small branding area on the outside of the case available for a full colour epoxy logo.

Product Ref: WMFL_C5

Branded unique innovative promotional nano polymer anti-gravity phone cases with printed company logos epoxy labels.
Droplet Dry Bag Keyring


Product Ref: WMFL_C16

This high-quality duffel bag has an expandable zipped compartment, which can be unzipped around the bottom to increase its capacity. A highly functional weekend bag which is made from an extremely durable water-repellent material. Its lightweight, compact and easy to fold design makes this bag so versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications such as fitness, travel, work, school or an everyday use handbag. Available in 21 different colourways making it an ideal unisex promotional travel bag suitable for both men and women and the perfect bag to match any branding colours. 

MFL_C16 Expandable travel bag 1.jpg
MFL_C16 Expandable travel bag 9.jpg
MFL_C16 Expandable travel bag 6.jpg

Designed with multiple interior and exterior pockets coupled with a high-density, water-resistant fabric allows you to separate dry and wet items such as wet swimwear, clothes or towels making this the perfect gym bag, sports bag or holiday bag for any swimming, camping trips, hiking or yoga retreats.

Its large capacity makes this the ideal weekender tote bag to take on your travels as your carry-on cabin bag for holidays or hand luggage for business trips. It includes a useful dual-purpose back pocket that doubles up as a trolley sleeve and allows this overnight duffle bag to slip over the handle of any rolling suitcase offering enhanced convenience and freeing your hands and shoulders of any bags. 
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Give your clients a gift they will remember! Our fantastic promotional epoxy phone case can be printed up to full colour on the full front surface of the case; it has a great branding area meaning the user will be carrying your logo around all day! Not only does this case help to protect your phone against drops and scratches, its anti-gravity properties allow the case to suction onto smooth, flat surfaces. The case must be pushed firmly onto the flat surface for best results. The case still allows the phone to work perfectly with all phone functions including GPS, WIFI, Apple and Samsung Pay, 4G, NFC and Bluetooth.

Product Ref: WMFL_C4

Drawstring Bags
Branded promotional drawstring bags, nylon backpacks, bespoke with full colour digitally printed corporate university logo.


Our promotional drawstring bags have been popular for years demonstrating that this classic promotional gift is timeless! Its popularity is largely owed to its huge branding area, which is a great advertising canvas for any company logo or branding message. Our rucksacks are made from 210D polyester, or also available in 420D and other qualities or materials on request. Complete with optional reinforced PU corners with metal eyelets and rope string handles. This item has great opportunity for personalisation with Pantone matching available on the body of the bag as well as the durable cord straps. Bespoke edge to edge printing is available on both sides and you can even have a different design on each side for full customisation!


Our drawstring bags are also fantastic value for money, an affordable and practical marketing tool for universities, schools, sports clubs and gyms. Our backpacks can be easily transported to trade shows or exhibitions as they are supplied flat packed. The compact, lightweight packaging makes them portable and ideal for advertising your business or campaign whilst on the move. They can be handed out to potential clients at events and will carry your logo as well as your customers’ everyday essentials, helping to raise awareness of your brand!

Product Ref: WMFL_C3


Our neoprene convenience bags can be custom-made to any bespoke size upon request. Full colour sublimation printing is available on the whole surface, making this a great promotional gift bag which will help your clients to remember your company name and logo. This personalised product is very versatile and can be used to store any belongings for all occasions; perfect as a handbag organiser, coin purse or can also function as a pencil case. These are also available in polyester, microfibre towelling or FELT on request.

Product Ref: WMFL_C8

Promotional stationery products ideas, neoprene pencil cases bags bespoke gift with full colour sublimation printed logos.
Neoprene Convenience Bags
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