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Multi-Tool Pen


Our innovative silicone suction swing pens are the ideal advertising canvas for any company! They are completely personalised, Pantone matched to any corporate colours and printed with any brand logos. Branded pens are one of the most popular promotional giveaway items because they are functional (people actually carry them around and use them), they are cheap and have a good advertising area. With so many suppliers offering identical styles of pens, it is difficult for a branded pen to be unique and memorable to customers.


This is where our silicone swing pen can help! The suction cup on the end of the pen allows it to stand up on a desk and the flexible silicone material means the pen can be swung around. This pen is fun, tactile, highly engaging and very addictive. Customers love them and they will definitely remember your brand on our silicone swing pen above any other branded promotional pen they may receive.

Product Ref: WMFL_D31

Branded promotional stationery products ideas silicone suction colourful ball pens with personalised company logos.
Certificate Tubes



This DIY 6-in-1 multifunctional tool pen is a fantastic promotional gift for any handyman, carpenter, decorator or workman. This extremely multi-purpose promo item can be personalised, with printing or engraving available on the barrel of the pen. See the six useful functions below:

1. Ball Pen - Twist action, writes fluently and is durable

2. Stylus - Can be used with any touch screen

3. Spirit Level - For levelling

4. Ruler - Convenient for study and work

5. Screwdriver - Unscrew the top to reveal two headed screwdrivers in cross head and flat blade

6. Scales - Multiple different measurement scales

Product Ref: WMFL_D26

Branded promotional stationery products ideas multi-tool, workmans, carpenters ball pens with personalised company logos.
Silicone Swing Pens
Branded promotional luxury certificate pods tubes packaging containers printed with university graduation crests logos.


Our certificate pods are laminated with a luxurious glossy finish and have a removable lid for safe keeping. Use our certificate tubes to save your A4 size certificate or other bespoke sizes are also available on request. These presentation tubes can be printed in up to full colour with your logo making them the perfect promotional product for university graduation ceremonies, schools, sports clubs or other corporate award events.

Product Ref: WMFL_D1

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