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Collapsible Pocket Cups


This is the revolutionary collapsible pocket cup! With a drinks capacity of 355ml it can hold both hot and cold beverages. This ultra-portable silicone cup folds down into a small, compact disk shape making it easy to store in your bag and carry around. When expanded the cup measures 12cm tall and it quickly and easily collapses to just 5cm. The clever design includes an integrated plastic heat proof sleeve and a sealed lid with stopper to reduce leaking. This reusable, eco-friendly drinkware eliminates the need for bulky travel mugs and disposable, single-use coffee cups. The perfect solution for environmentally conscious customers looking to reduce their landfill footprint. Built for convenience, this foldable cup can be disassembled for easy cleaning and the silicone body is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Not suitable for boiling liquids. Made from FDA food grade silicone with no BPAs, phthalates, glues or lead. This promotional cup can be custom printed with your branding in up to full colour on the heat sleeve.

Product Ref: WMFL_K4

Promotional eco-friendly stojo collapsible silicone drinkware pocket cups with foldable design and leak proof lids.
Collapsible Silicone Bottles
Reusable Silicone Straws
Promotional eco-friendly collapsible silicone drinkware, refillable water bottles with foldable design and leak proof lids.


No need to compromise on utility or convenience with these collapsible silicone water bottles. Made from food grade, BPA free silicone, they’re both light weight and reusable. With a soft silicone body that folds in on itself, the bendable sports bottles can be easily stored away when empty, saving a lot of space when carrying it around. These useful and unique promotional gifts have a great advertising area for company logos on the silicone part. For easy cleaning they are dishwasher and microwave friendly. Different styles available in various sizes and drinks capacities.

Product Ref: WMFL_K7,8,9

Silicone Lid Sealer


Plastic straws are one of the top 10 items of rubbish found on world beaches and are having a devastating impact on our oceans and marine life (Greenpeace, 2017). With the anticipated ban on plastic straws in the UK, these eco-friendly silicone straws offer the perfect solution. The thick silicone walls are highly durable and resistant to biting and chewing meaning they can be reused over and over again. Our drinking straws are available in two different styles, a single part straw or a two part straw with a detachable end for easy cleaning. The soft, flexible design and wide diameter makes these straws practical and suitable for all types of thick drinks both hot and cold including smoothies and soups. Made from FDA certified food grade silicone with no BPAs, phthalates, glues or lead, they are both dishwasher and microwave safe. These low cost, lightweight straws are the ideal environmentally friendly promotional gift with branding available on the side of the straw.

Product Ref: WMFL_K6

Low cost promotional eco-friendly reusable two part silicone straws for easy cleaning printed with company logos.
Foldable Silicone Cups


This eco-friendly promotional product can be washed and reused over and over again, eliminating the need for disposable cups! Practical properties include its non-stick surface making it easy to clean for maximum hygiene as well as the foldable handle making the cup much easier to hold and drink from. This flexible silicone drinkware can hold both hot and cold beverages and can also be frozen without deforming! Its lightweight, space saving, collapsible design makes it portable and easy to store, pack and carry around. Great for camping, summer BBQ's, festivals, picnics, hiking, travelling or outdoor sports events. This durable, multi-purpose item is not only a drinking cup; it can also be used as a toothbrush cup, travel bowl or even a pet food bowl if opened half-way.

Product Ref: WMFL_K11

Branded promotional eco-friendly kitchenware products, foldable silicone cups with handles printed with company branding.
Silicone Bottle Caps
Branded cheap promotional eco-friendly kitchenware products ideas silicone lid sealers screen printed with company logos.


This amazing promotional product creates a vacuum, allowing the lid to firmly cling to the top of any mug, cup, tin or jar, sealing it air tight. Made from top quality silicone which is re-usable and washable this is a fantastic eco-friendly promotional item and has been nominated in the top 5 ‘Most Innovative Products’ in industry awards. Our silicone lid sealers can be completely personalised, Pantone matched to any corporate colours and printed with any company logo. This product is perfect for care homes, hospital trusts, oil rigs, cruise ships, ICT companies, general offices, and any companies with strict health and safety procedures.

Product Ref: WMFL_K1

Promotional eco-friendly reusable drinkware products, pantone matched silicone bottles caps printed or debossed company logos.


These creative silicone rubber bottle caps are a unique and innovative promotional product to keep your beer fresher for longer. Perfect for festivals or any outside events, these bottle markers prevent spillages as well as keeping your drinks free from bugs in the summer. This low cost item is great for mass exposure, with a highly visible branding area on the top of the lid for printed or debossed corporate logos.

Product Ref: WMFL_K2

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