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Health. Sustainability. Convenience. - The benefits of Silicone Collapsible Bottles are 3 fold.

The purpose of single use plastic bottles is just that, single use. They aren’t made to withstand filling and refilling, the chemicals begin to leak in to the liquid and bacteria can begin to grow. However, reusable silicone bottles are made to deter bacteria, be easily cleaned and most are machine washable so you can easily get rid of all the nasties - making it easy to keep yourself and the environment healthy.

Silicone doesn’t leach toxins into products and with our BPA-free; food grade silicone water bottles there is no need to swop out one bad plastic for another. Besides, bottled water is no cleaner or healthier than tap water and is less likely to go through the same testing and regulating.

Even with summer coming to a close, staying hydrated in winter is equally as important. During winter the body’s thirst response decreases, meaning more thought needs to go into staying hydrated, plus water keeps your skin glowing and builds up protective barriers within our bodies to ward of colds and flu. With the convenience of this collapsible water bottle your customer will be sure to always have the H2O on hand (along with your brand).

On average a person purchases 168 single use bottles a year, this is a cost of circa £134 per year and of these bottles, 70% aren’t recycled. Our collapsible bottles cost less than £6 and can be used time and time again. Being collapsible eradicates the inconvenience of finding space for an empty water bottle until you can refill it.

We offer 3 different collapsible water bottles to fit all requirements and budgets. The Collapsible and Hour Glass bottles can both be pantone matched, so we can provide any colour your client requires and all 3 bottles have an MOQ of 500pcs.

Collapsible Tower Bottle

Our Collapsible Tower Bottles hold 400ml of liquid and collapse down to 110mm when empty. These functional sports bottles are supplied with a silicone strap so they (and your brand) can be easily taken from home, to office, to gym, to weekend.

Collapsible Hourglass Bottle

The Hourglass Bottles hold 800ml and collapse down to 130mm when empty of water. With a little more capacity; they are perfect for festivals, outdoor and sporting events. There is seamless advertising space on the silicone sleeve.

Collapsible Carabiner Bottle

For something a little more stylish, we’d recommend the Collapsible Carabiner Bottle. Although their collapsed size is 150mm, they hold 500ml of liquid and the carabiner clip and leak proof lid make them easy to transport in or outside a bag.

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