Our hand finished scarves and neckerchiefs are supplied in a range of sizes and can either be rectangular or square depending on the desired look. We have standard scarf dimensions for our square scarves and our most popular rectangular scarf, or bespoke sizes are also available depending on your client’s requirements or budget. All our scarves have smooth, hand-rolled hems which are the signature of quality, and are supplied with a standard care label containing fabric and wash details.


Promotional scarves are popular uniform attire for companies such as banks, hotels, airlines, restaurant waitresses, choirs, orchestras and private schools. We often supply our branded scarves alongside coordinating men’s neckties and pocket squares.

Custom-made promotional products, bespoke luxury corporate silk scarf screen printed with beauty spas company logos.


Flat-bed screen printing is the traditional textile printing technique, used for designs in spot colours without any colour gradients. The fabric dye is spread across a large piece of fabric through a number of fine, mesh silk screens. Each colour in the design is printed one at a time using its own individual screen and left to dry in-between colour applications. The finished pattern will only appear once each colour has been applied and the whole process is complete, making screen printing a more lengthy process than other methods.


Screen printing is a cost effective process for larger quantities of promotional scarves with fewer print colours, as each screen has a set-up cost. One of the benefits of screen printing is that the fabric dye penetrates through the fabric more than it does using digital printing. This means that the mirror image of the pattern that shows through to the reverse side of the scarf, still maintains fairly vivid colours, even on polyester which is a more heavyweight fabric than silk.

Product Ref: WMFL_W10/11




Digital printing is a fast and modern printing technique which uses a large specialised electronic printer; similar to the printer you may have on your work desk. Entire patterns can be printed all at once onto a roll of fabric. Digital printing can achieve very detailed, photographic patterns including shading and multiple colour variants, making this the ideal method for complex multi-coloured designs. Digital printing is also the best option for small quantity orders of customised scarves.


On the reverse side of a digitally printed scarf, the mirror image of the pattern will always appear slightly more faded than the front size. This occurs especially on designs with darker colours, but can be reduced by using silk rather than polyester. Silk is a finer more delicate fabric, meaning the fabric dye disperses through to the reverse side of the scarf more than it does on a polyester scarf.

Product Ref: WMFL_W8/9

Promotional custom-made bespoke corporate workwear with personalised company logos. Full colour digitally printed scarf.


Our beautiful chiffon weave scarves have a lightweight, sheer handle making them ideal for spring and summer months. Our custom chiffon scarves are available with either a digital or sublimation print to achieve full colour designs and beautiful gradient effects. Bespoke sizes are available or we have a range of standard sizes including square, rectangular or infinity style scarves.

Product Ref: WMFL_W8/9/12

Branded neckwear products, bespoke corporate workwear with mermaid company logo, sheer chiffon scarf, full colour printed.


Our multi-functional twilly scarves are the perfect decorative and versatile fashion accessory. They are a popular and stylish promotional gift item for spring, summer, autumn and winter. The long and narrow style scarf can be accessorized in a variety of ways. For example they can be worn as a neckerchief, hairband or headscarf, wrapped around a bracelet or wrist, worn as a belt to accessorize some jeans, tied around a straw hat, or used to adorn a handbag by wrapping around the handles or tying as a ribbon bow. These beautiful scarves are available in silk or polyester and have a great branding area for dazzling, eye catching branded designs and logos.

Product Ref: WMFL_W21

Promotional fashion accessories, long narrow ladies twilly scarves in silk and polyester, printed with company logos.
Promotional custom-made bespoke scarves with branding, wool pantone matched pashminas, stole scarf with tassels.


Our super soft stole scarves are a great corporate gift all year round for spring, summer, autumn and winter. These classic chic scarves can be completely customised, Pantone matched to any colour of your choice and branding can be either printed or embroidered. Our branded pashminas are supplied with or without tassels and are available in any material on request such as viscose, cashmere or lambswool.

Product Ref: WMFL_W56