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Blue Surface


Our corporate branded ties are hand stitched and lined throughout with open mitre tipping at both ends. We have standard dimensions for the width (widest part of the blade) and length of our ties, or alternatively these can be custom-made to any bespoke size upon request.


Custom woven labels supplied and stitched to the back of the tie as well as special bespoke lining are also available on request for a completely personalised tie that provides a high-end finish and is unique to your brand. We use your chosen Pantone references as a guide to select the closest colour match thread from our extensive selection of yarn colours.


Our promotional ties are often supplied together with corporate printed scarves or pocket squares in the same fabric with identical or complimenting colours and designs.


Our stunning custom-made woven ties are our most popular branding option, whereby the design or logo is woven into the fabric. This branding method is also the most commonly used for traditional school ties, as they durable and can achieve very detailed, intricate school crests within the designs.


The weaving process is different from embroidery in that it involves two separate yarns (known as the warp and the weft) being interlaced together on a loom to form a piece of cloth or fabric. The warp threads run vertically and the weft runs horizontally to create a thick fabric rich in texture. 


All of our ground weaves are available for bespoke woven ties, with our years of expertise we can propose the most suitable ground weave for your design or artwork. A combination of different ground weaves can be used as a visual enhancement for plain designs and subtle simplistic ground weaves can be used to compliment busy designs.

Product Ref: WMFL_W1/2

Custom-made corporate uniforms, shiny satin weave promotional neck ties branded with woven logos, luxury corporate gifts.
Screen Printed Ties
Woven Ties


Flat-bed screen printing is a traditional printing method ideal for brand designs which are in solid colours, without tones and shading. During the printing process, the dye colour is applied to the fabric through multiple mesh silk screens and the final design only appears once every colour has been applied.


Every print colour in the design requires its own silk screen and is printed onto the fabric one at a time, being left to dry between applications, making the printing process slightly longer than alternative methods. Each silk screen has an origination cost, making this textile process most cost effective for larger order quantities with less print colours.


Our custom-made, promotional screen printed ties can be printed in up to 8 colours achieving a beautiful, vivid effect. This technique is the best method used for matching screen printed scarves and pocket squares and is perfect for branded corporate and club ties which generally use only a few spot colours.

Product Ref: WMFL_W5/6

Promotional products branded corporate uniforms workwear ties UK suppliers manufacturers, with screen printed company logos.
Digitally Printed Ties
Full colour digitally printed promotional neckwear, bespoke custom-made polyester ties with rainbow stripes.



Digital printing allows for highly complex designs with a large number of colours to be translated, making digitally printed promotional ties perfect for vibrant designs which include any gradients or tints. This modern technology is the only printing method which can achieve photographic, full colour designs; meaning there are no limits to your design or the number of print colours!


Digitally printed ties have a faster turnaround time than screen printing. This contemporary printing technique uses a special electronic printer to print complete patterns all at once onto a large piece of fabric.


Our personalised digitally printed ties are best for small orders and an ideal branding method for matching our digitally printed scarves and pocket squares.

Product Ref: WMFL_W3/4

Clip-On Ties


Our bespoke branded clip-on neckties are the perfect solution for those who cannot tie a tie! When worn, the appearance of a clip-on or elasticated tie is identical to a self-tied tie. They are pre-tied with a metal clip sewn on the reverse which can be clipped onto the wearer’s shirt collar. For those with metal allergies we also offer an alternative preformed tie with an elasticated neckband fastening.

Clip-on style ties are commonly used by primary or secondary schools for young children as they are quick and easy to attach and remove. For health and safety reasons they are also essential for security companies, ideal promotional uniforms for security guards, door supervisors or air stewards. In an industry where there is the potential threat of attack, clip-on ties protect security personal from accidents, as they are not wrapped around the neck they can easily come away if pulled.

Product Ref: WMFL_W7

Custom-made promotional security company corporate uniforms, clip-on ties in silver branded with woven logo.
Bow Ties
Promotional neckwear, custom-made bespoke corporate uniforms with company logos, silk and polyester pre-formed bow ties.


Traditional dickie bow ties are considered the most formal looking neckwear attire for men, worn at formal black-tie events. Our bow ties can be printed or woven and are available in a self-tie option or also a pre-formed option for the perfect shape bow every time. We have a standard bow size and can also be made to any custom size on request. Compared to a necktie, a bowtie is much less likely to become dirty, making bow ties a popular choice in the catering industry as uniforms for waiters and restaurant staff.

Product Ref: WMFL_W37/38

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