Promotional pets, dogs and cats triangle bandanas 2 in 1 cooling effect towels printed with logos.


These nifty triangle bandannas double up as cooling towels suitable for both people and their pets! This is the ideal promotional product to cool down customers and their dogs, cats and other furry friends, enhancing comfort during hot summer walks or sporting activities. These magical bandanas are made from a high quality material containing special cooling yarns. To activate the cooling effect simply wet the bandana in water, wring out and then shake. These handy cooling bandanas can be worn as headbands, wristbands, around the neck as a stylish neck scarf or simply used as a towel. They have a great space for advertising any brand, printed in vibrant full colour designs. Available in different sizes to suit small, medium and large size animals or bespoke sizes are also available on request.

Product Ref: WMFL_W18

Wearable promotional products, bespoke corporate gifts, digitally sublimation printed cotton bandanas with company logos.


Our bespoke printed bandanas are so versatile; they can be used as a dog or cat bandana for pets, neck scarves, headbands and more. Our modern, quirky bandanas have a great advertising space for creative, eye-catching designs and logos. This fashionable and unisex product is an ideal corporate giveaway at music festivals or sport events. Our square shape promotional bandanas can be folded in half to achieve a triangle shape and are available in pure cotton or a polyester cotton blend to suit different clients’ budgets.

Promotional trade show gifts with printed company logo, seamless tubular bandanas, multi-functional snoods neck warmers.


Our seamless tubular bandanas have multiple wearing styles for all promotional purposes. They can be worn as headbands, bandanas, biker snoods, scarves, hairbands, masks and more. With a large branding area, providing space for any advertising messages, company logos or funky designs, this will definitely stand out in a crowd. This unisex promo item appeals to all target audiences and is perfect for festivals or motorsport events.

Product Ref: WMFL_W34

Promotional business novelty gifts personalised with repeated logos, custom woven knitted cotton unisex socks.


Fantastic quality, promotional cotton dress socks knitted with your design for a durable, lasting brand message. Your logo can be woven as a repeated design or placed in any position on the sock making this item completely bespoke to your brand. Classic style branded dress socks are a timeless corporate gift, which can be worn over and over again, repeatedly reminding the wearer of your brand. Our personalised socks are supplied in pairs and there are a number of custom retail packaging options to choose from. We have a standard unisex size or custom sizes, styles and materials are also available on request.

Product Ref: WMFL_W68


Classic wayfarer style branded sunglasses which can be closely matched to your company colours, with a Pantone matched retro frame and logo printing available on both arms for a completely bespoke promotional product. These funky sun shades are a fun and trendy summertime corporate gift, a great way to increase brand exposure at summer campaigns, outdoor events and festivals. These low cost personalised sunglasses are perfect for mass giveaways and not only are they great value; they are also great quality with 400UV protective lenses for protection against harmful rays.

Product Ref: WMFL_W57

Promotional sunglasses classic wayfarer style plastic summer shades, customised printed with company logos, pantone matched.
Promotional event giveaways printed full colour with company brand logos, sleeping eye masks with elastic straps.



These customised printed sleeping eye masks are a fun travel giveaway item for hotels, holiday companies, luxury spas, airlines, camping festivals or for hangover kits. Our promotional eye masks are soft and comfortable and block out all light for a peaceful night's sleep. They are lightweight, portable and have a great branding area for full colour advertising messages, logos and designs.

Product Ref: WMFL_W51

Promotional silk pocket squares or handkerchief products, custom-made corporate airline uniforms printed with company logos.


Our branded pocket squares and handkerchiefs are the ideal men’s accessory as corporate gifts or for formal occasions. Depending on the logo or design our customised pocket squares can be either screen printed or digitally printed. Promotional pocket squares are often supplied together with printed bow ties or ties in the same fabric with the same matching design. A modern, fashionable alternative is to wear a tie and pocket square combination in complimenting designs but in different shades, colours or patterns. This trendy aesthetic would usually be combined with a more casual folding technique known as the ‘Puff’, compared with the traditional ‘Flat’ fold.

Product Ref: WMFL_W13/14



Our printed silicone wristbands are our number one most popular product, a cheap promotional giveaway ideal for gaining brand exposure at large events such as festivals or general awareness campaigns. Our custom wristbands are supplied in standard adult and youth sizes with a choice of different wristband widths, including extra skinny or extra wide. We supply many different promotional wristband choices, for example our branded wristbands with jingle bells, which are great for festive activities.


There are three main branding techniques; printing, debossing or embossing.

  1. Printing is the best value option, ideal for charity fundraising to generate maximum revenue.

  2. Debossing is when the branding is indented or engraved into the band using a precision laser cutter. This can also be infilled with contrasting ink to make the advertising message stand out more clearly. This finish provides better longevity than other methods, protecting the design from wear over time.

  3. Embossing is when the branding is lifted from the surface of the band; the raised lettering can also be printed to highlight the corporate message further.


Our silicone bands are Pantone matched as standard and can be solid colours, segmented, swirl or glow in the dark.

  1. Solid colours are the most common, and are great to represent your brand identity if you have a distinctive brand colour.

  2. Segmented colours is when the wristband is split into different colour sections, ideal if a company has multiple brand colours, or to represent several companies at corporate events.

  3. Swirl colour wristbands use multiple colours combined together giving them an artistic marbled or camouflaged effect. The silicone is mixed together randomly, meaning that each band will look slightly different offering a unique twist on the traditional silicone wristband.

  4. Glow in the dark wristbands give off a glowing effect and are a popular choice for night time party event wristbands, festival wristbands, or wristbands for students and children.

Product Ref: WMFL_W15

Promotional coloured silicone event wristbands, screen printed, embossed, debossed colour infill with company brand logos.
Promotional printed event lanyards for trade shows, printed company logos, pantone matched with safety break clip.


Promotional lanyards have a great branding area and offer good exposure as they are worn around the user’s neck. Printed lanyards are commonly used to hold name badges at conferences and seminars; a valuable marketing tool providing brand exposure to a large number of people. Lanyards can be used to maintain a brands’ identity in retail spaces, at trade shows or exhibitions. Other lanyard purposes include holding event programmes, festival guides or maps as well as keeping items safe and easily accessible for example to hold keys or security passes in airports and hospitals.


Our custom lanyards are Pantone matched as standard making them completely bespoke to your brand. There are a variety of lanyard materials and custom sizes available, but our most popular is a flat polyester lanyard with a width of 15-20mm and 900mm length. Our lanyards can be printed on one side or both sides and the most popular printing methods are either sublimation or screen printing.


Our promotional screen printed lanyards are the most cost effective for larger orders with a low number of print colours. Our branded dye sublimation lanyards can be printed edge to edge and are ideal for intricate, full colour or photographic designs, as this method is a type of digital printing. The lanyard base material has a smooth, ribbon-like, satin feel, which is soft and comfortable to wear.


There is an endless choice of lanyard attachments depending on the function and use of the lanyards. Be it health and safety breakaway fittings, crocodile clips, dog clips, pull reels or badge holders; we can supply all your needs.

Product Ref: WMFL_W54